Open Day / Evening - Thursday 20 September

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          Open Day and Evening - Thursday 20 September

          OPEN DAY & EVENING - THURSDAY 20 SEPTEMBER (online feedback, please click here

          Please be aware that the gate to school leading to Scarborough Lane/Street will be closed on Open Evening. We would kindly request that visitors access Woodkirk Academy via the main entrance on Rein Road only.

          Woodkirk Academy is pleased to announce that, after an outstanding year and record-breaking examination results, we will open our doors to prospective students and their parents on Thursday 20 September.  The Academy’s Open Day begins at 9.30am, when guests and parents will have the opportunity to walk around the school and view it in action.  Those who are able to attend this session (which ends at 12 noon) will have the chance to meet the Principal, Mrs Joe Barton.

          The second part of the event begins at 6.00pm, when all departments will be on hand to demonstrate how our resources are used to ensure that students leave with the best possible outcomes.  The excellent partnerships enjoyed between students, their parents and the Academy is one of the main reasons why Woodkirk Academy ranks as one of the highest performing schools in Leeds.

          We look forward to meeting you on Thursday 20 September.

          The deadline for applications for a Year 7 place next September (2019) is 31 October 2018

          If you would like information on how to apply for a place at Woodkirk Academy, please click here to be redirected to our Admissions page

          A copy of our Main School Prospectus can be found here

          The Additional Information Booklet can be found here

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