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Welcome to Woodkirk Academy

Ofsted: Attendance is well above the national average

    Our virtual 2020 Open Evening presentation is now live

      Sixth Form Results 2019: A*- B = 55.2%

        Ofsted: Students report that they feel safe

          GCSE Results 2019: Eng 4+ = 82%, Maths 4+ = 82%

            Our virtual 2020 Open Evening presentation is now live

              GCSE Results 2019: Eng 4+ =82%, Maths 4+ = 82%

                Ethos & Values

                The Woodkirk Academy Mission Statement captures the distinctive ethos and values of the Academy. It is our aim to enrich and serve the learning needs of the community, to provide life-long access to educational opportunities and to maximise the potential of all who learn here. 


                • encourage a positive and caring environment where opportunities for learning are opened up for students and staff of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.
                • promote understanding and respect for others.
                • help all members of the school community develop an understanding of what it means to be trusted, valued, trusting and caring.
                • promote the principle of equal value, develop confidence, competence and social responsibility in all students by:
                  • placing the individual at the centre of all learning activities;
                  • providing access for all to a full range of opportunities;
                  • providing for continuity and progression in all learning experiences;
                  • creating a clean, safe, secure and stimulating learning environment;
                  • encouraging students, staff, parents and members of the community to work together to maximise achievement;
                  • delivering a broad and balanced curriculum that fulfils and extends the National Curriculum; and
                  • developing links between the curriculum and the community.

                'Shaping Young Lives'