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Sixth Form applications are now being received

    Sixth Form applications are now being received

      Sixth Form applications are now being received

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          The Mathematics Department at Woodkirk Academy prides itself on the academic progress and achievement made by all the students we teach. We are a team of 17 dedicated specialist teachers working together to enhance the life chances of our students in every way. We are proud of our students’ achievements at both GCSE and A Level. The students achieved a progress 8 score of +0.45 in GCSE Maths in 2018, with over 67% of our students in Year 11 achieving a grade 5 or higher. At A Level, 64% of our students achieved a grade A*-B and the A*-E pass rate was 100%. Results for both Core Maths AS level and Further Maths A Level were equally pleasing.

          In Year 7, we believe in developing a firm foundation and understanding in number and algebra, the main components of GCSE Mathematics, which the students will study in Key Stage 4. The topics we study consolidate and quickly extend what the students have learned at Key Stage 2 and we aim to promote an enthusiasm for the subject in them early on in their time at Woodkirk, challenging them to think in every lesson.  At the same time, we offer both a supportive and nurturing environment, enabling students of all abilities to progress, and additional support to those arriving in Year 7 who may not have securely met all of the Key Stage 2 curriculum objectives.

          Students build on their foundation formed in Year 7 when they enter Year 8, and we start introducing more topics and increasing the complexity of the work they complete. We want all our students in Key Stage 3 to start high school with a positive and enjoyable experience of maths, so creativity and challenge are built into our delivery wherever possible.

          Students start their Key Stage 4 studies in Year 9 and will prepare for their final exams throughout Years 9, 10 and 11.  Students in all years are taught in groups set by ability.  This enables learners across the ability range to make the best progress they can and be nurtured in the best way by the staff that teach them.