Physical Education

The PE Department has 12 full time staff - six male teachers and six female teachers.  They teach across the Key Stages and Assessment for Learning and opportunities for independent learning are an integral part of lessons.

We are dynamic, forward thinking and work closely as a team.  PE has always had a high profile and there is a firm belief that it plays a major part in developing and maintaining the ethos of the school.  We have been awarded the prestigious Sports Mark for excellence in PE every year since its inception.

In Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8) students have two one hour lessons a week.  They are taught in single sex groups for the major games.  All other lessons are of mixed gender and ability.  In the first two years we try to give the students a broad and balanced curriculum.

In Key Stage 4 (Year 9) students are given an opportunity to evaluate the KS3 curriculum which enables us to produce a programme around meeting the needs of the students.

In Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) students are provided with the opportunity to undertake a wider variety of activities, some of which are based off site using the facilities in the local area.  Students continue to have two one hour lessons a week organised in a more personalised options programme.

In Key Stage 5 recreational PE is available through the Enrichment Programme.

We offer:
GCSE Full and Short Course
BTEC Level 2 (from September 2011)
AS and A2 Physical Education

We have the following facilities:

3 football pitches
2 rugby pitches
All weather pitch
6 tennis courts
Small sports hall (2 badminton courts)
Large sports hall (4 badminton courts)
Fitness and conditioning room
Use of the school Main Hall

Extra curricular activities are an integral and vital part of our work and we are proud of the wide range of activities, from the competitive to the recreational, on offer to students.  We are firm believers in Sport for All and our programme is open to all.  Traditional sports form a base for extra curricular activities but new activities are constantly being introduced.  For example, Roller Hockey, American Football, Frisbee and Extreme Golf.  We are pleased with the participation levels and the success of teams and individuals representing Woodkirk at school, district and national levels.