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Uniform Reminders - September 2019

*****SEPTEMBER 2019*****

Woodkirk Academy has a very clear dress code. It is important that we maintain our high standards of dress. As such, we would like to remind parents of the existing uniform policy regarding trousers and shoes. Please bear this in mind when purchasing new items from this point on. FULL UNIFORM POLICY - CLICK

As a reminder, which was communicated to parents last year, shoes for boys and girls must be black leather only, with any branded label being extremely discreet (see photo example). Shoes must be plain black including the laces (if applicable) and soles etc. 

Please be aware that there is additional wording to our trouser policy which provides greater clarity, particularly for girls. Trousers must be straight leg or boot cut, not excessively tight below the knee. Trousers that cling to the lower leg are not suitable and, therefore, not allowed. Fashion trousers designed to cling to the leg are not acceptable school wear. Skinny fit or tapered trousers are not allowed. Trousers should have a waistband and a traditional zip. Zips anywhere else on the trousers are not suitable eg pockets. For any clarification, please refer to the photos for further guidance OR CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS.

Smart Uniforms provides Woodkirk Academy Uniform. They are offering, for uniform for Years 8, 9, 10 and 11, buy one get one half price on jumpers, and 10% off P.E kit , trousers , Skirts , shirts and blouses. Simply show them this message in-store to receive the offer at: 1-3 Cheapside, Bradford Rd, Batley, WF17 5ND- Telephone Number: 01924 44 22 94 (Smart Uniforms). This offer ends on 3rd September.

If you would like us to check any items of uniform before you remove the tags / labels, there is still time: Each a Tuesday until we break up for the summer at 3pm and Tuesday 3 September at 3pm. 

May we also take this opportunity to remind parents of our expectations with regards to hairstyles. The main issues at the start of any new term tend to be with the length of boys' hair and the colour of girls' hair.  Hairstyles must not draw particular attention to the individual and must be blended with no largely contrasting lengths. ‘Undercut’ hair is not suitable and will not be allowed. As set out in the student planner, a more detailed reminder can be found below:

All students: 

• Part shaven styles will not be allowed even if Grade 2 or above. (Trial)*

• Grade 2 is currently the minimum acceptable length for hair. This will be a trial period*, resulting from feedback from the Student Leadership Group.

• Hair must be one natural colour. 

• Highlights are not allowed. 

• Elaborately braided, beaded or extended styles should not be worn. 

• Hair extensions must not be worn. 

• Large and elaborate hair decorations are not allowed and must not be worn in school.


*Following extensive feedback from the Student Leadership Group and their Form Reps, from September 2019, Woodkirk Academy will trial a ‘grade 2’ for hair cuts. 

Students have been informed in assemblies prior to the summer holiday.

Should students abuse this modification during the trial period, the ‘grade’ will revert back to a ‘3’.