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APPEALS - Yr7 place for September 2020




UK schools are currently closed and we are unsure when they will re-open. However, we can be sure that schools, regardless of how and when they re-open, will all need to observe the guidelines surrounding social-distancing. 

It is for this reason that the government has temporarily amended the School Admissions and Appeals Regulations 2012 and our original dates for Woodkirk Academy’s appeals will not go ahead during the published week, as planned, if you have submitted an appeal to be heard here at Woodkirk Academy. 

Regrettably, given the change in regulations, which are in place until January 2021, the Academy will not be conducting appeals on the school site, as previously indicated.  The temporary regulations, which came into force on Friday 24 April, impose some new guidelines relating to appeal timetables.  

Admission authorities are urged to determine appeals lodged as part of the main admissions round before the start of the September term, wherever possible. Given that Woodkirk Academy is unable to conduct their own appeals on-site in order to observe social distancing rules, we are, therefore, seeking alternative methods to conduct the appeals.  

This could include asking Leeds Local Authority to administer the appeal and the major change to the regulation allows authorities and the appeal panel to decide to hold the hearing remotely if they are satisfied that: 

• the parties will be able to present their cases fully; 

• each participant has access to video or telephone facilities allowing them to engage in the hearing at all time; 

We will be in touch when we are able to offer any further information about the next steps and once we have consulted with Leeds Local Authority. 

The new regulations instruct that an appellant (person asking for the appeal) should be informed at least 28 days from the implementation of these new regulations which was 24 April. This serves as that notification. 

The full guidance can be found here: CLICK FOR THE AMENDED REGULATIONS



Woodkirk Academy and all other schools across the country are temporarily closed.

The appeals' process would normally begin after Easter with the appeal hearings taking place at Woodkirk Academy, week beginning 18th May 2020.

Given that schools are currently closed, we are awaiting a change in legislation which is expected on 24th April. This will provide schools with more guidance about how to conduct effective and fair appeal hearings.

On 14 April 2020, the Department for Education issued preliminary guidance for schools to consider. Once the legislation has been temporarily amended to allow an alternative method to an appeal hearing, the administration for Woodkirk Academy appeals will publish how a parent can appeal against the refusal of a place for their Yr7 child in September 2020.