Open Day and Evening - Thursday 30 Sept


Woodkirk Academy will be offering on-site Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests to all students prior to the start of the 2021/22 academic year.  

These tests are intended to pick up asymptomatic cases.  As per the available guidance, two tests will be offered 3-4 days apart.  All students wishing to take part will be tested for the first time on Friday 3 September with the follow up test on either Monday 6 or Tuesday 7 September.  Slots will be allocated to the students and it will not be possible for a particular appointment date or time to be selected. 

If parents would like their son/daughter to be involved in the tests, they should visit the website here.  

Parents should ensure that all documents are read prior to the completion of the consent form.  It is important to note: we are asking for consent to be given again even if students were involved in the testing programme of last March

Once the consent form is submitted, an email will be sent to the address entered on the form to confirm its completion.  Parents should ensure that the email is entered correctly – failure to do so will mean further information, including appointment times, will not be shared.  It might be necessary to check junk/clutter folders for this acknowledgement email.   The consent form will be accessible from 12 noon 19 August to 12 noon 27 August.  

Parents wishing to give consent for the testing programme, it is vital that the consent form is completed in full within this window so that a schedule can be produced and test slots can be allocated.   Parents will find that the majority of questions and queries have will be answered in the documents on the website.  If you have a specific question please send this to