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    Shaping Young Lives

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        Check out the latest news from Woodkirk Academy

          YEAR 7 PLACE Sept 2019

          OPEN DAY & EVENING (online feedback, please click here

          Woodkirk Academy opened its doors to prospective Year 7 students for September 2019, at their most recent open event. 

          Families were treated to an insight into Academy life, with current students giving the audience a glimpse into their views on their time at the Academy including the Head Girl, Aliyah, and the Head Boy, Alfie; including current Year 7 students, Ruby and Ryan. The students spoke of their pride as students of Woodkirk Academy and welcomed all who had taken the time to visit their school  

          In the morning, visitors were treated to specialist guided tours by the Senior Student Council, taking in the many activities around the building, showcasing the inspiring lessons and activities that take place on a daily basis, including the Science department who are always happy to show off with spectacular experiments! 

          In the evening, nearly 200 current Yr7 students, who have only been at the school for three weeks, were fully prepared to guide around school prospective parents and students. Principal, Mrs Joe Barton, said “What an exceptional evening. Thank you to all the staff and students for showcasing our Academy at its very best. Together we have ensured that the vision of the Academy, ‘Shaping Young Lives’ was highly evident throughout the evening. 

          I would also like to say a particular thank you to Aliyah, Alfie, Ruby and Ryan for their student presentations on the evening, quite simply stunning.” If you missed out, please don't worry! The Academy will be happy to show around any prospective parents who were not able to attend the Open Day/Evening event.

          The deadline for applications for a Year 7 place next September (2019) is 31 October 2018 and National Offer Day is Friday 1st March.

          If you would like information on how to apply for a place at Woodkirk Academy, please click here to be redirected to our Admissions page

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