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          Bus Fare Increase

          Forwarded on behalf of Arriva / First / MyBus:

          From Monday 3 September 2018, there will be an inflation-linked fares increase on school bus services contracted by the Combined Authority, including Mybus (yellow bus) services.

          Fares on Mybus services have not increased since September 2015 and are currently lower than fares on other contracted school bus services. The increase will close the gap between the fares on the two types of contracted school bus services and bring school bus fares closer into line with fares charged on the public transport network. 

          On the majority of services, a flat single fare is charged (regardless of distance travelled). From 3 September, the changes will be as follows:   

          Service typeCurrent fareFare from 3rd Sept 2018
          Secondary School Mybus                               




          Secondary School Non-Mybus  £1.20£1.25
          Mybus primary70p (£5.50 weekly ticket for 10 journeys)80p (£6.00 weekly ticket for 10 journeys)

          On a small number of secondary school services, graduated fares are still charged (fare varies by distance travelled) and they currently vary between 70p and £1.50 per trip. With the exception of the £1.50 fare, these will increase by between 5p and 10p depending on the level of the current fare. The £1.50 fare will not increase.   

          Money-saving Myday (£2.60) and Under 19 weekly (£10) and monthly (£37) MCard tickets, which can be used on all West Yorkshire bus services, are also available on these services.   

          Further information can be found at: