AS and A Levels from Sept 2015



New AS and A levels will be taught in schools in England from September 2015. The first results for the new AS levels will be in 2016, and for the A levels in 2017. Further subjects will be introduced over the following two years.

What new AS and A levels will look like
The main features of the new qualifications are:  Assessment will be mainly by exam, with other types of assessment used only where they are needed to test essential skills. AS and A levels will be assessed at the end of the course. AS assessments will typically take place after one year’s study and A levels after two. The courses will no longer be divided into modules and there will be no exams in January. AS and A levels will be decoupled – this means that AS results will no longer count towards an A level, in the way they do now. AS levels can be designed by exam boards to be taught alongside the first year of A levels. The content for the new A levels has been reviewed and updated. Universities played a greater role in this for the new qualifications than they did previously.


New AS and A level
to be taught from:
First AS results will
be issued in:
First A level results will
be issued in:
September 2015Summer 2016Summer 2017English language 
English literature 
English language and literature 
computer science 
art and design 
September 2016Summer 2017Summer 2018geography 
ancient languages 
modern foreign languages
(French, German, Spanish) 
physical education 
drama and theatre 
religious studies
September 2017Summer 2018Summer 2019maths 
further maths 
design and technology 
Any other AS and A level subjects taught from this point will be new, with the current ones withdrawn.  Exam boards will have to
meet new rules for content and design when deciding which subjects to offer.
More information on available subjects will follow

DfE GCSEs and A Level reforms

Timeline of events