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    Sixth Form applications are now being received

      Sixth Form applications are now being received

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          Mental Health, Health & Wellbeing


          Someone impartial to talk to about anything causing upset or concern. Click here

          Basis Yorkshire

          Safety, information & support to women & young people. Click here

          Self-Injury Support

          for Women and Girls. Click here

          Health for All

          Community health development organisation which works in partnership with local government, health services and local people to engage with and improve disadvantaged communities.  They use community development approaches to help people identify unmet need and work with them to establish services in response. Includes Families First, FIS. Click here


          MindEd is a free educational resource on children and young people's mental health for all adults - click here

          Forward Leeds

          Alcohol and drug service to all young people and adults across Leeds whatever their needs around substance misuse. Click here

          ADFAM - Families Drugs and Alcohol

          Advice, guidance and local support groups for families affected by alcohol or drug use. Click here

          The Base - Kirklees

          Group and 1:1 work around Substance misuse for students based in Kirklees up to the age of 21. Click here

          West Yorkshire Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Service (ISVA) - Victim Support

          and Practical Support for victims of sexual crimes

          Click here


          Website for a range of local and national mental health support for young people. Click here


          Website for local and national mental health support for adults including in the workforce. Click here

          IAPT (Integrated Access to Psychological Therapies)

          Psychological therapies for those aged 17 and above. Advice, guidance and referral into services for mental health issues in Leeds. Click here

          The Marketplace

          Counselling and Individual Support for young people aged 13-23 years. Click here

          Northorpe Hall

          Charity offering emotional wellbeing support and counselling for people aged 5-18. Including advice, guidance and support from CAMHS. Online Resources available. Click here

          Beating Eating Disorders

          National Website offering advice for parents, professionals and young people in relation to all types of eating disorder. Click here

          Yorkshire Centre for Eating Disorders

          Supporting family members with an Eating Disorder - Carers Support Group based in Leeds. Click here

          One You Leeds

          One Stop for support with all Healthy Living Choices in Leeds. Click here


          National Online resource for support with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Click here

          Muslims Women's Helpline

          Specific support for Muslim Women. Click here

          Survivor Led Crisis Service - Leeds

          Emotional support for people in Leeds open 6pm-2am every night - telephone 0808 8001212 . Click here

          Papyrus - Prevention of Young Suicide

          Provide confidential help and advice to young people and anyone worried about a young person. Help others to prevent young suicide by working with and training professionals. Click here


          Support from age 14+ experiencing their first episode of psychosis. Click here

          Selfharm UK

          Information and advice - click here. Alumni is the online chat service for people aged between 14-18 - click here

          Northpoint Wellbeing

          Formerly Leeds Counselling, a registered charity with a mission to help people experiencing emotional distress - click here

          Wellbean Café - part of Touchstone Service

          Safe place to attend in a crisis to avoid A & E. Supported by Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service and Touchstone. Click here

          Cruse Bereavement Care

          Support information and practical advice following bereavement - click here

          Youth website of Cruse Bereavement Care - click here

          Child Bereavement UK

          Supporting families and education professionals when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying, or when a child faces bereavement. Click here

          Leeds Bereavement Forum

          Network of services & support. Click here

          Gendered Intelligence

          Increasing knowledge of gender identity and supporting those age between 8 and 25 - resources and knowledge - click here

          Black Health Initiative (FGM)

          Support for women regarding FGM. Click here

          Health for All

          Health for All (Leeds) Ltd is a community health development organisation which works in partnership with local government, health services and local people to engage with and improve disadvantaged communities. Click here

          Leeds Sexual Health

          Access to ALL sexual health services across Leeds. Click here

          NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups Partnership

          Local services available - click here