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Sixth Form applications are now being received

    Sixth Form applications are now being received

      Sixth Form applications are now being received

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          Year 6 Induction

          YR6 INDUCTION - SUMMER 2019




          1) What time does my child start and finish on the first day in September (Wednesday 4 September)?
          Year 7 students should arrive from 8.30am. The day begins at 8.50am and finishes at 3pm  

          2) What should my child wear on the first day in September?
          The full Woodkirk Academy uniform. A reminder that the colour around the jumper collar / through the tie is GREEN (2019). This identifies the year group. Please also check the expectations for hair styles and trouser styles. 

          If there are any queries, please contact Mr Cook or Mr Lazarus. Each Tuesday, from 2pm, there will be a uniform 'surgery' where Mr Cook and Mr Lazarus will be available to check the suitability of uniform. 

          Please contact school to let us know that you wish to attend. In addition, there will be a uniform surgery from 3pm on the first few days back after September

          3) How should my child pay for his / her lunch in September?
          Please remember that the Academy is a 'cashless' school and, as a school, we use ParentPay. Further guidance can be found in the pack which was be distributed at the Induction Evening. 

          4) Is my child allowed to bring a mobile phone to school?
          Students in Years 7 to 11 are not allowed to bring their mobile phones into school under any circumstances. We respectfully ask that parents fully support this rule as it is strictly adhered to at all times.

          5) What equipment should my child bring to school?
          An appropriate bag to carry pens (red and black / blue), pencils & colouring pencils, a ruler, calculator (can be purchased from the maths department), MFL (French / German / Spanish) dictionary which can be purchased from school. Also, it would be a good idea for your child to bring a reading book. Correction fluid is not allowed. 

          6) Should I download the information app which was advertised on the evening?  
          The MY Ed app is an excellent method of communication between school and home. It will allow you to check information about the Academy, attendance of your child, his/her timetable, positive referrals will be 'pushed' to your phone. 

          In addition, you will be able to communicate directly with the attendance team for free. Please check the information postcard in your pack from Induction Evening.   

          Of course there will be more queries and questions which may spring to mind before the first day of September. If this is the case, please contact Mr Cook by email ( who will reply as quickly as possible. 

          Any further FAQs will be added to the MyEd app: Year 6 Induction 2019.   

          On behalf of the staff and the students of Woodkirk, may we thank you for choosing Woodkirk Academy for your son/daughter and we are looking forward to working with you in September.

          MR. N. COOK