Arriva bus workers will return to work on 2 July. Students will therefore be required to pay their usual fare to school from Monday 4 July.

Year 6 resources

These resources have been created to help prepare you for the transition to secondary school.

There is a workbook and nine sessions which will take you through some big ideas to help you on your way to Woodkirk.  The sessions focus on thoughts, feelings and emotions and also provide some excellent advice on how to be successful in your learning.  Just click on the links below.

Session 1 - Being awesome
Session 2 - Unlocking your mind
Session 3 - Dare to take risks
Session 4 - Making the change
Session 5 - Lost but not lost
Session 6 - 'Bouncebackability'
Session 7 - What is normal anyway?
Session 8 - Friendships and fallouts
Session 9 - Living well

There are also lots of subject specific activities for you.  Just click on the subject on the left hand side of this page.