OPT Reporting System

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Progress reports are issued four times a year for students in Years 11 and 13 and three times a year for all other students.  A written report is issued annually for each Year group.  There are two Parents’ Evenings; one early in the school year with Form Tutors where you can discuss their progress pastorally and another later in the year when we host a subject Parents' Evening, giving the opportunity to discuss progress and reports in more detail with subject teachers.

To help you understand the progress report, guidance about the information contained in the report is given below.  We believe that if you have a better understanding of your son/daughter’s report you will be able to work more effectively with them, and us, to ensure that they succeed.

If you require a reminder for your password or login details, please email us at optreporting@woodkirk.leodis.org.uk

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Please make sure you email us from the address we have on record for you.

If you need to update your email address or other contact details, please contact Reception.

OPT Progress Report