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Behaviour and Safeguarding

Online Safety Briefing Sheet January 2021

SAFEGUARDING CONCERN. Contact the Safeguarding (Child Protection) Team directly:

One of the main aims of Woodkirk Academy is to provide a stable and secure environment where students can flourish.  To achieve this aim we need to create an ethos where good discipline and respect for others is what we expect and where students accept that good discipline is an expression of what society sees as acceptable behaviour.

Co-operation and trust between parents, students and the Academy is the best method of dealing with any problems which may arise; coupled with a pastoral care system where early intervention is the key to success.

Click to view our Student Positive Behaviour & Discipline Policy

Click to view the Positive Behaviour & Discipline Policy Addendum - updated behaviour guidance relating to the return to school following the COVID-19 school closure.

Department for Education's advice on discipline and behaviour in schools

Procedures regarding absence at lunchtime