In Years 7 and 8, you will complete projects for most subjects and normal, regular homework for English, Maths and Art should be set. Form Tutors and Personal Tutors will carry out regular checks to make sure you complete these to a high standard and on time.

In Years 9 to Years 11, you should receive  20 to 30 mins homework for each hour's lesson. This should result in you having two hours homework each night. The homework will be checked and acknowledged in some way by your teachers and if you have gone above and beyond you will receive positive recognition. If you do not complete your homework tasks on time then appropriate consequences will be issued. A reminder that four homework alerts in the planner (page 165 of the main school planner) will result in homework support being issued. 

In Years 12 and 13, students should be getting 1 hour of homework for every taught hour, again this can be preparation for the next lesson or learning, as well as exam preparation.