Woodkirk Academy reopens to students on Monday 15 April

Information for Parents


At Leodis Academies Trust we are committed to ensuring safeguarding is of utmost importance and this is one of the reasons we are committed to improving our practices and procedures for attendance. Poor attendance severely disadvantages a student from achieving well so it is of paramount importance that students attend school regularly. 

We demand the highest level of attendance from all our students so they may develop their full potential during their time at school. It is our aim to safeguard students and maintain a culture of excellent attendance and punctuality. Missing out on education has a significant effect on students’ life opportunities. Everyone associated with the Trust and its Academies – students, parents, all teaching and support staff, external agencies and the Trustees and Governors must do all in their power to ensure that excellent attendance and punctuality remain an integral part of our work. 

This Policy applies to all and this policy applies to all Academies within Leodis Academies Trust.



Woodkirk Academy's Attendance Improvement is Ms V. BaldwinAIO@woodkirk.leodis.org.uk


Reporting Student Absence

Telephone: 0113 8873602

Email: attendance@woodkirk.leodis.org.uk

Should your child be absent from school we request that you inform us by telephone of the reason for their absence. A member of staff is available to discuss this from 8.00am daily and we would ask that we are informed before 9:00am if your child is not due to attend school.

As a Safeguarding measure, any student who does not receive a mark in registration (8.50 - 9.15am), and is not found to be in school, is reported to parents by text message to ensure that they are safe and well and have not gone missing on the way to school.  We aim to send text messages by 10.30am.

We kindly request that parents contact the school on a daily basis to inform of absence.

We also ask require a medical note or evidence that a GP has been seen for prolonged absence of 5 days or more.

If your child has an on-going medical condition please contact us to discuss the nature of the illness and we will support you to ensure that this has limited impact on their education. It may be that adaptations can be made for your child to continue attending school.


School is open to students from 8.10am.  All students should be in school and in their form room by 8.50am.

Any student who arrives to school after 8.50am will receive a late mark from their form tutor.  A same day 45 minute detention will be issued, unless there is an exceptional circumstance for the unavoidable lateness.  Parents will receive a text or MyEd in-app message.

We would ask that Parents please contact school if their child will be arriving late giving a reason and an expected arrival time.

Appointments in school time

We would politely request that where possible appointments in school time are not taken.

We appreciate that at times this is unavoidable and would ask that where possible appointments are made at the end of the school day.

Appointments will NOT be authorised for full days unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Should a student have an appointment and need to leave school early, please ensure that they have a letter to confirm the date and time of the appointment and that they collect and complete an ‘Exit Slip’ (located in Student Services) to be signed by their Head of Year.

Students will not be allowed to leave without a signed 'Exit Slip'

Alternatively you may wish to call and speak to the Attendance Department
or email attendance@woodkirk.leodis.org.uk

Please be aware that without confirmation from home we are unable to authorise the absence.