At Woodkirk Academy, enormous emphasis is placed on promoting positive behaviour and attitudes to learning. 

Key to the success of our Positive Behaviour system is the persistent rewarding of excellence, both in terms of academic progress and success in other areas of school life. We believe that students respond in a positive way to rewards and that these rewards will inspire them to even greater success.   Central to our rewards system is the collection of merits, via stamps, in the student planner. Stamps are awarded in all lessons for excellence in the following areas: effort, individual and group work, responses to questions and homework. Merits can also be earned outside the classroom. This might include presenting a positive image of the school in the local community, showing care and concern for the environment or other students, or making a substantial contribution in extra-curricular activities.   Credit certificates are awarded when a certain number of stamps have been achieved. Certificates start at Bronze level for achieving 75 merits and continue at 100 merits intervals through to the Principal's Certificate. Students who have gained the required number of merits will notify their form tutor who will then arrange for the appropriate certificate.

Frequently, every department reviews student performance in their curriculum area and commended students are sent positive referrals.  

Students are also rewarded for their attendance. Half-termly merits are awarded for 100% attendance and punctuality and an attendance record of 96% or better entitles students to be entered into the many different incentives to reward excellent attendance (or improved attendance).   

The pinnacle of the rewards system is our annual awards ceremony held in the school hall in December where outstanding examination, curricular and extra-curricular achievement, attendance and effort are celebrated and parents of students receiving prizes are invited to attend.