Career Sector Links and Useful Websites

We have collated a list of useful websites which we would encourage students to access, particularly prior to their appointment with the Careers Adviser in school. These websites are divided by sector.

To find out specific sector information, such as where to find out about Accountancy, Computing, Manufacturing, and Teaching to name a few, take a look on this link Careers Websites.

We also have specific sites which will be useful for our Sixth Form students, information such as ‘Is University the right choice for me?’, summer schools and taster sessions that are available to help provide university experience and ‘What a degree Apprenticeship is?’ this can be found here.

Manage whole college application process

Explore different careers, including Apprenticeship options

Search jobs, courses and apply for University

Find out more about Higher Education

Advice on Education, Training, Apprenticeships, and gaining new skills

Further information can be found by visiting or speaking to the Careers Team.

To help support your child further, click on this link which has career resources specifically for parents.

You can also find lots of information, support and guidance on applying for jobs and apprenticeships at The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).