The Gatsby Benchmarks

Woodkirk Academy is required to meet the statutory requirements for careers education, known as the Gatsby Benchmarks. The eight benchmarks are a framework for good career guidance developed to support secondary schools in providing students with the best possible careers information, education, advice and guidance.

Click on the link for the original Good Career Guidance Report, which introduces the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Click here to go to the Good Careers Guidance website for further information.

We track each individual student to ensure they are receiving the benefit of external experiences, advice and inspiration. We arrange a wide and varied programme of enrichment opportunities for students to actively participate in, both in and out of school. This includes access to employer activities and experiences, trips to university campuses and visits to local career-based events. 

Examples of such activities include mock interviews, trips to local law courts, visits to engineering firms and trips to university halls. 

We also arrange for visiting speakers to attend lessons to enrich the students' careers guidance through the curriculum.

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