Music Trip to Germany

Our head boy improvising a tour around a Château in France. Highlight of the tour!

On Sunday 12 July, 48 students from KS4 and KS5 including five staff (and Mr Lazarus!) left the UK to visit Germany.

They are doing a tour of the Black Forrest, playing concerts in three different venues across Germany.  

Monday was the first concert where the concert band, choir and soul band performed to many tourists and locals on the shaw of lake Titisee! They have two more concerts left on the tour.  

Wednesday, they are at Colmar and Thursday Baden-Baden. They will be the first ever school party to perform in the venue (owned by the Baden-Baden Philharmonic) the students have been truly outstanding; their behaviour is a credit to themselves, the school and their parents!

Tuesday, however, they will have a break at a local theme park!

Gute Reise