60 students take to the hills to practise their DofE


At Easter, 60 Year 9 and Year 10 students will carry out their DofE assessment. The Year 9s are hoping to achieve their Bronze and the Year10s are aiming for Silver.


They were challenged with a practice of the assessment this weekend (25 & 26 March 2017). The group headed out to Dewsbury and the surrounding areas, finally ending up at Lepton.

A big well done to everyone who completed the practice expedition, everybody worked exceptionally hard to see it through!

They all met on Saturday morning and embarked on an exciting 11km adventure with all of their tents, food, water and clothing on their backs - the sun was shining and the temperatures were rapidly gaining throughout the two days. All groups successfully got to the camp site and set up their tents and cooked on their trangias.


After a frosty night they all woke up and set off again for their final leg back to he starting point in Dewsbury - another 11 kilometres.


Mr Wilson and Mr Grey ran the operation, ably supported by several members of keen Woodkirk staff and said, "the group of expeditioners were fantastic and did not moan once!" Mrs Barton, Principal, attended on Saturday to lend her support.