Woodkirk takes to the slopes

We are now en route to the shopping mall in Denver before we start our long journey back to the UK!

We will see you all back at Woodkirk Saturday evening.


So, they are here: the last-day-holiday blues starting to kick in!! Here we have a full group photograph - and our big fancy dress night which was amazing!!! The efforts put in were truly exceptional!

Winners of the fancy dress went to
1st - the year 11 boys for Mario and co; 

2nd - Charlie for his sumo;  
3rd - the Binns twins and Eleanor as thing one and thing two from cat in the hat; 
4th - Lucy as a zombie; 

5th - Sam as zawa from Star Wars.


Back to the sunny slopes today, after a day of snow yesterday, the groomers have been out making the piste a fantastic playground for us skiers.

Some groups trying out their skills in the terrain park and on the mogul fields. Most groups headed up to the panoramic which is 12,000ft - the highest point on the mountain; some fantastic views as you can see. This evening we took the students to the rec centre where they were able to use the pool and the jacuzzi - this was a well-deserved relax!


We knew the forecast today was going to be snow and much colder! By 11.00am the clouds had come over and the snow was falling. A completely different day for the students, the visibility was poor and the temperatures were low, but the skiing was the best ever! Fresh tracks as the snow just kept on falling. 

From the pictures you can see the snow on the trees and the students with goggles not sunglasses!  A pure powder day.


Back on the slopes and most students got to ski on Mary Jane mountain today which was excellent!

The students are really getting into their skiing now and racking up the kilometres. The forecast for tomorrow is snow, so we are all looking forward to skiing on some fresh powder!  Bowling and cinema tonight.



Feeling much fresher today after a better night's sleep, we take to the slopes again. Another fantastic day, blue skies and great snow.

All students have made some excellent progress today and are racking up the miles on the slopes. Lots of pictures today...

After our day on the mountain, we hit the slopes again, but this time to go tubing!

An unbelievable experience, one the students will never forget! Flying down the hill in a rubber dingy at speeds beyond the imagination!!



Finally, we arrived on the snow! The weather for our first day is perfect - sun with plenty of fresh powder! 

Below are pictures of our groups just waiting for the instructors to tag them into the GPRS tracking system - before we head to the chair lifts.

And the skiing commences - all students regardless of their ability were up on the mountain enjoying the fantastic skiing conditions!

The blue helmet covers that identifies Woodkirk students was a hit with the instructors.   As you can see from the pictures below - the first day was excellent!



The annual school ski trip departed from Tingley at 4.30am on the 1st April bound for Colorado, USA. 

Miss Mills will update this news it with their daily events:

"Thanks to the bright orange hoodies, supplied by Branded Sportswear, we got everyone safely through the airport and en route to Winter Park. The picture shows a few of our 6th formers all ready to board! We have all arrived safely and are just trying to adapt to the 7 hour time difference and the altitude! Please keep checking out the website throughout the week as we add more photos of what should be a fantastic week ahead!"