Duke of Edinburgh's Silver expedition


The silver assessed expedition is underway - a phenomenal 90 of our students are embracing the great outdoors this weekend in the Peak District - walking for 3 days and camping for 2 nights! 

DAY 1 The weather really hasn’t been very kind to them - big heavy down pours and thunderstorms meant the students were very wet!

DAY 2 has started well but a yellow weather warning is in place for later! However, the resilience and determination will get our students thought what is a very tough award!

DAY 3 was followed by a very windy and rainy night in the tents! Some students are running out of good spirits as they have to cook breakfast and pack away in the rain....however, they all have done absolutely amazing and never in their lives will they achieve something as rewarding as this! Especially in the conditions they have had to do it in! We have had tears, smiles, ups and downs but as a team they have all battled through and achieved an amazing award - the Silver DofE. 

Well done to all the students!