Black History Month

October sees the return of Black History Month (BHM) which is celebrated across the UK with an aim to:

- promote knowledge of black history, culture and heritage;
- disseminate information on positive black contributions to British society;
- heighten the confidence and awareness of black people in relation to their cultural heritage.

Woodkirk Academy proudly invited SONGO - an African Drumming Project - to perform to Key Stage 3 students and offer them the opportunity to learn how to play African instruments: Dun Duns, Djembes, Balafons etc.

The Songo* Drumming Project is founded upon the understanding that rhythm, song and dance cross cultural and national boundaries regardless of political or religious divisions.

Experiencing this creative process either as a performer or as part of the audience forms a connection through participation. Students were also shown styles of African dance routines. (Songo)

A great day for all involved.

*‘Songo’ is a word taken from the African pygmy language which generally means peace. The Pygmies are a group of people who live along the equatorial forest of Africa. They live a natural life respecting each other and nature and try they to be in peace at all times.