Geography Trip to Sorrento

The Geography department are taking 70 year 10/12 students to Sorrento in Italy on Sunday 21st June and returning on Thursday 25th June.  The trip fits perfectly with the GCSE and AS units that focus on tectonic hazards.

Whilst there, they will be walking up to the top of Mt Vesuvius and also visiting the preserved ruins of the city of Pompeii from the huge eruption in 79AD.

Students will also get to take in the breath-taking views of the Amalfi coastline, whilst also taking a boat ride over to the Isle of Capri.  Students will also be visiting a traditional working farm where they will be using local ingredients to prepare their own pizzas to eat for tea!

The students will also be venturing underground in Naples to see the old tunnels and caverns beneath the city, before venturing to a family run pasta factory to see how the Italian favourite - spaghetti - is made.

The trip is sure to be an excellent experience for all of the students and a worthwhile addition to their studies.