Democracy in action

These events, known as ‘community youth voice summits’ take place throughout the year with schools from each area invited to send students as representatives. Most events are also attended by various youth activity providers so that the young people can sample a flavour of just some of the activities that Leeds City Council can provide for them after school or during the school holidays.

Typically each event will feature a workshop on democracy and the role of being a representative, a Q&A panel with local councillors and a workshop where the young people get to decide on the types of activities their community committee should fund – anything from drama, art, sport, music, coding and youth groups. So far this year events have been held for the Inner West, Inner South and Inner North East areas and young people have already helped influence the allocation of over £100,000 in funding

On Friday 22 March, all the students agreed that it had been a very lively and enjoyable day.