KS4 Music Residential - La Loire

Day one of the music residential in La Loire, France.

Breakfast nice and early and all the students helped themselves to a hearty continental breakfast then off to learn!  They spent the day in Futuroscope, a science and technology themed park. 

The students covered lots of different topics, Science, ICT, DT (engineering) and PE (trying to keep up with Mrs Clarke and Mr Gage). They were in the park until about 6:30 then made their way back to the Hotel for another round of rehearsals after a spot of fine food.  

Then at around 10pm, they walked back to the Science park and watched the evening show: a spectacular story about a young boy and a water sprit - thankful ly Miles, in Yr9,  is fluent in French and explained all to the group!  Tuesday is the first gig of the tour at the specular Chateau Chenonceau (please see attached photo and appreciate how nervous they will all be!)