Uniform Reminders - September 2023

**********SEPTEMBER 2023*********

Please click here to read a letter issued to parents about Woodkirk Academy's school uniform (June 2023)


Woodkirk Academy has a very clear dress code. It is important that we maintain our high standards of dress. As such, we would like to remind parents of the existing uniform policy regarding trousers and shoes. Please bear this in mind when purchasing new items from this point on. FULL UNIFORM POLICY - CLICK.

As a reminder, which has been communicated to parents each year, shoes for boys and girls must be black leather only, with any branded label being extremely discreet (see photo example). Shoes must be plain black including the laces (if applicable) and soles etc. 

Trousers must be straight leg or boot cut, not excessively tight below the knee. Trousers that cling to the lower leg are not suitable and, therefore, not allowed. Fashion trousers designed to cling to the leg are not acceptable school wear. Skinny fit or tapered trousers are not allowed. Trousers should have a waistband and a traditional zip. Zips anywhere else on the trousers are not suitable eg pockets. For any clarification, please refer to the photos for further guidance OR CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS.

ALL STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE:  2 black pens, a red pen, a pencil, a ruler and a pencil case.

The Academy recognises that there will always be a variety of hairstyles worn by students. Most hair styles are appropriate. Styles deemed to be inappropriate include: haircuts that are excessively short, ie lower than grade 0.5 and/or where hair has been cut to bare skin; haircuts where patterns, stripes or letters have been cut into the student’s hair; or hair that is dyed in bright or unnatural colours. Hair styles MUST be blended - no undercuts. These styles are NOT permitted. We reserve the right to ask students with long hair to tie it back. This will be a requirement in certain situations for health and safety reasons, for example during PE and cooking lessons. Photo examples below.

All students must wear a tie. Photo example below.

Up to a single plain, entirely metal stud (gold or silver) not greater than 5 mm in diameter may be worn in each ear, in the lobe. No other earrings should be worn. Taping over, or the wearing of invisible/clear earrings or piercings, is not permissible. No other jewellery should be worn in school. We are aware that there may be occasions when some students request to wear religious symbols. These will be considered on an individual basis. Photo examples below.

MOBILE PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED. Students must not bring them to the academy. The following sanctions will be applied:

  • First offence 48 school hours (2 days);
  • Second to Fourth offence 72 school hours (3 days);
  • Fifth offence 96 school hours (4 days).

If found, phones will be confiscated and made available to an appropriate adult at the appropriate time as set out above.




Make-up, including false eyelashes, and fake tan is not allowed for any reason. The Academy retains the right to ask students to remove any make-up or false tan. Students who repeatedly wear make-up and fake tan may be sent home for parents to ensure make-up and/or false tan is removed before students are returned to school as soon as possible.